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Devon Commons Talks Being A Book Author, Executive Producer Screenwriter And More

Devon Commons is known as Executive Producer and Screenwriter of the thriller short films based upon the stories in Book of Dark Tales. In our interview below, he discusses growing up around his family in Decatur GA, and his inspirations. He has some amazing books out now to name a few ”Book Of Dark Tales”, ”The Vacay” ”More Book Of Dark Tales Book 2” his stories will take you on A terrifying ride. Make sure you take a look at his short film preview below and our interview.

Devon Commons Q & A Interview

Tiara – What Inspired you to start writing books?

Devon Commons- My brother and I used to tell short stories, and I read a lot of Stephen King thriller books, that’s what inspired me to start writing

Tiara – Tell me about growing up in Decatur, Ga?

Devon Commons- I grew up with both of my parents, I didn’t have a hard life growing up in Decatur, my family always made sure I was taking care of, but I did have some tragic moments that happen in my life.

Tiara– Tell me about your Book “The Vacay”?

Devon Common- “The Vacay” this book is considered a short story dark tale collection that I came up with back in 2016. It’s about two couples going on a vacation and visit a beautiful cabin in the woods. And more.

Tiara– What’s your favorite book that you wrote?

Devon Commons – The Book about Tales part 2.

Tiara– who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Devon Commons – Stephen King and John Carpenter.

Tiara – what do you look for when your casting actors for your film?

Devon Commons-  I’m looking for talent, not just an image I want them to bring out the character that there playing.

Tiara– How do you feel about this tragic moment for George Floyd?

Devon Commons- That was Terrible; everybody is handling this sad situation differently. The people just have to be safe while protesting. 

Written by Tiara Monroe

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