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Author Devon Commons Talks His New Book ”The Secret Of A Hitchhiker” On Voice It

Devon Commons is known as an American Author, Executive Producer, and Screen writer for “The Vacay”, Terror shocking secret, and “Book of Dark tales”and “Book of Dark Tales 2”. Commons recently released his new book called The Secret of a Hitchhiker, which is based on a horror/Sci-fi suspense. In our interview below he discussed the meaning behind the book and more. Make sure you download his new book which is now on Amazon, and check out our interview below.

Devon Commons Interview On Voice It

Tiara – Tell me about your new book The Secret of a Hitchhiker?

Devon Commons –The Secret of a Hitchhiker is a new book that is already published, and a short story about this lady name Sharon, she was going on a road trip to Main and she picked up a mysterious hitchhiker, name George. While she was driving, he started to get really violent, demanding and he isn’t who he say he is, and disguise himself as a man.

Tiara – How do you come up with the script for each cast member?

Devon Commons – When I write the script, I go through my stories and read them, then I would write the screen play for it which can be different from the book, I might change or add in something new.

Tiara What is going through your mind while you are writing your books, and how do you stay focus on your craft?

Devon Commons –   I would find a quiet place; I constantly think about different stories before I write but I make sure I’m focused on one. These stories came from real life situations. I can be anywhere and come up with a creative horror story. 

Tiara – How do you choose the names and characters for each film?

Devon Commons – The names that I use for the characters are named after my grandmother, aunts, cousins or friends.

Tiara – What can we expect from you in the near future?

Devon Commons – Writing, making films and entertaining people.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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