Key Glock Tweeted Doing Music Don’t Hit The Same

It’s possible that Key Glock will be accompanied with music. On Thursday March 3, the Paper Route Empire lyricist stated on Twitter that he’s trying to pursue a new career in acting.

“Finna go to acting school…doing music don’t hit da same for me anymore,” Glock tweeted out. Fans in the comments theorized that Young Dolph’s passing last November could have negatively impacted Glock’s motivation.

Glock was visibly upset when he learnt of his cousin’s death, taking a break from music and social media until returning in January with “Proud,” a meaningful new song.

While he didn’t specifically reference his partner Dolph’s death in the post, many fans are associating his lost passion for rap with his friend’s death. Someone even tweeted at the rapper a few weeks ago that he “needs therapy,” to which Glock answered that he is aware of the situation and intends to seek help.

Hopefully, Key Glock will be able to regain his footing and continue to be one of Memphis’ finest rappers today. How do you feel about Glock becoming an actor?