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What up, What up world wide web, I’m your official video GAWD Willie Millionare , and this is the video report. It is my job nay, MY DUTY  to keep you up to date with the latest music videos from your favorite artist! I will take the time out of my already crazy Fridays to bring to you: 1) The latest videos as they drop. 2) My honest opinion on whether I think that the video is HOT or HOT Garbage. Either way it goes, we are going to watch some videos ( 5 to be exact ) and talk some smack about them, so lets get started shall we. In today’s music industry its all about stunning visuals that capture the viewer’s attention. Most artists use YouTube as a means of letting the world see these visuals that should complement their hit single. Every now and again an artist will drop a music video that makes you say WTF was that? These videos are all trending on youtube which is where I do my research.  I for one, am sick of seeing videos that make you scratch your head and ask what the artist was on when they made this video. Well, I guess you can say that I am here to make the video experience great again lol ! So, without further adieu let’s get into our first video shall we…..

First up on the chopping blog Lil Durk, Alicia Keys Therapy Session.

My first question about this video is why is Alicia Keys in this video? I mean I get she is the therapist but I wonder what made Durk get her? It begins with her asking questions about Von and his brother. I think Maybe, he was mocking a move or something, Im not sure but I’ll do some research and get back to you on that I promise. That’s kinda where the video ends for me. The rest of the video is just your boy Durk riding in a SUV in the back rapping, accompanied by rando shots of the homies throwing up gang signs and smoking weed. You know the usual rap stuff. ( I’m so over it already lol )  I guess he was on his way to the mosque, because the video ends with him praying to Allah. Which is dope but you couldn’t have washed your feet with you shoes on Durk. All and all this video is a bust for me. I still can’t figure out What the world Alicia Keys is in there for. The only thing I can think of is he got music with Swiss Beats coming out.

The second video for the week is the newest video from your big homie and mine, DaBaby feat Offset called Sellin Crack. Now this video I like! I like the fact that they actually spoofed one of my favorite movies, New Jack city. It’s not actually crack that they are talking about selling, he is referring to his music. He really has the naked women in the apartments burning CDs like the old school days before distro kid. You know, when you had to be more than a screen name to sell music. Sidebar, my favorite line in this song is ” I’m in the club with that fire and dancing around like Im Ja Morant ” That Ninja stay with the blick lol. This video gets the first FIRE of this column. Now that’s how you make a video my boy!

This next video also dropped this week, Moneybagg Yo Ocean Spray.This one left me kinda scratching my head. Yet again, another music video where the artist is riding around in his expensive vehicle. I’m guessing that’s what rappers do but it seems SUPER boring to me. He also shot some of the video in an aquarium. BRA you paid some ninja a lot of money for a trash video. It seems like they ran out of creativity for this one. It’s just wack to me. I don’t even want to keep typing about it any more.

This next video is borderline cool, but not cool Finesse2tymes and Lil King Glorilla Mode. I thought it was a typo too but, your seeing that name right!Now my first question was ” Who bad ass kid is this? ” ( Simmer down 2tymes, Simmer down I’m sure you’re teaching Lil King all about the right things wink wink ). Yet another Hood Ninja video where we are riding around in some expensive vehicle ( it’s a Rolls Royce just in case you’re wondering ) with the homies in the hood throwing money and blah blah blah. This video is definitely a snoozer. Hold up wait, Is this little ninja cursing in his verse? Bra!!!! You know what, my mom would have beat me to death!!! On a positive note, I like Lil King Flow he has a future in rap I just hope he makes better videos!

 The last video for the week, is DDG and Luh Tyler Im Geekin. My first question was is Luh dude smoking weed? Where is his mama? I think that this song actually fits this video. The swag of the video just compliments DDG and Luh Tyler flow. While there are car shots in the video, they are on the yacht with young pretty girls in Miami. It’s not overly complicated, it’s simple and it works for the song. These young ninjas took what seems like a go pro on vacation and started rapping with some home girls in the background  and scored!! 

Alright shawdy, now that we are all caught up for the week I’ll catch up to you next week we will sit down and watch some new videos. Until then lets hope your favorite artist doesn’t  drop a wack video! Logging out,  The Video

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