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Eva Shaw talks about Canada & NY upbringing, doing mixes for Rihanna & Ludacris, advice to women

“I did it for fun then people started paying me for it” (Eva Shaw)

In a new edition of Conversations with Lalaa, Lalaa Shepard catches up with Eva Shaw to speak on her unique upbringing surrounded by culture and music making her who she is today. 

.51 introduction

1:03 Eva Shaw is a music producer and DJ

1:39 Moving to New York to become an actress 

2:25 Becoming a DJ, athlete, arts, singing (TLC influence)

4:14 Interest in electronic music 

5:41 Upbringing/ music interests 

8:23 Favorite Pharrell song  

9:10 ‘Hype Hop’ 4 track EP

9:39 Eva Shaw speaks on blending EDM and Hip Hop (G-House)

11:00 Eva’s process of creating music 

13:30 Remixing for Rihanna and Ludacris extended 

14:12 Working alongside Ludacris 

15:41 Busta Rhymes coming out to some of her shows/ Shaggy/ Sean Paul

17:35 Eva wants to work with Drake and Travis Scott

18:50 Balance and business 

20:34 Mad Fatti Record Label 

22:32 Upcoming project ‘Solo’ releases in November 

26:12 Advice to other women “Be yourself”

28:25 What does the word Progress mean to you?

Written by LalaaShepard

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