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Victoria Wilson Talks Growing Up In Durham North Carolina And Becoming A Chef

Victoria Wilson talks growing up in Durham, North Carolina; her profession is a chef. She hopes to become a personal celebrity chef, have her food truck, and become an actor. Still, she is focused on being a chef. In our interview below, Wilson also discusses learning how to cook at nine years old, and her mother is her inspiration. Her top main goal is to be an inspiration to her siblings and anyone else along the way. Check out some of her work below and our interview.


Victoria Wilson Q&A Interview On Voice It

Tiara – Tell me, how was it like growing up in Durham North Carolina for you?

Victoria Wilson – My childhood was great, but we still had our struggles just like any other family, I was living in group homes, constantly moving, other than that I had a great childhood. My mom worked hard and made sure I had everything I needed, and I was the only child for eighteen years. I have a little brother and sister.

Tiara – Who inspired you the most growing up?

Victoria Wilson – My mom that’s all I had growing up 

Tiara – Tell me about being a chef, and how did you get started in that industry?

Victoria Wilson – I started cooking at nine years old, there was a point and time when my mom had to leave and go to work, and she would have to leave me home alone and so I taught myself how to cook. I’m very confident when it comes to cooking, and I want to work in an environment where I can have tattoos and be myself. Right now, I’m at a restaurant that doesn’t allow those things, But I love my job. I know I can work at any restaurant; I don’t want it to be corporate.

Tiara –  you also want to be a personal chef which artist would you want to cook for? 

Victoria Wilson –  So far as celebrities, I would have to say, Rihanna.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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