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Chinese Kitty speaks on the hardships of transitioning from TV to rap, sliding in Chadwick Boseman’s DM

“Boy Ain’t Mine is actually a record I made about an ex… It samples Brandy & Monica and they were fighting over a dude and in my situation a b*tch I was hanging out with, she was trying to fight me over my dude” ~ Chinese Kitty 

New York artist Chinese Kittymakes her debut on The Progress Report Podcast to speak about appearing on Love & Hip Hop with her mom, hardships of transitioning to rap after being on TV, female rappers support, being linked romantically to rappers, headaches getting samples cleared, body imagery and plastic surgery, new single “Boy Ain’t Mine” inspired by her ex-friend sleeping with her boyfriend, & more!

Written by LalaaShepard

LoyalTee speaks on females taking over rap, raising a son with cerebral palsy, lox journey 

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