Kayfaraway Talks New Album “Set It Off”, Growing Up In Birmingham, U.K, Becoming A Rapper/Singer, and More On “Voice It”

Kayfaraway is known as a rapper/singer, and songwriter from Birmingham, U.K. He recently released his 13 track album called “Set It Off”, with guest appearances by ROMderful, and Santeezo. The U.K native currently has over 400,000 streams on Spotify and 200,000 on Apple Music. In our interview below Kayfaraway discussed his journey to becoming an artist, his first performance in Paris, the inspiration behind his new album “Set It Off”, and more. Kayfaraway music is streaming on all digital platforms, make sure you download, watch his visuals, and check out our interview below.

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Kayfaraway Interview On Voice It

Tiara – How was it growing up in Birmingham in the U.K?

Kayfaraway – It was ok, it’s not a lot to do their, Birmingham is a place you would want to get out of.

Tiara – How did you get started in the music industry?

Kayfaraway – My mom use to sing in the church choir, and my dad was a contributor to the sound system. I started writing poetry at the age of 12. I didn’t feel comfortable recording music until I was 18, and at 21, I started releasing music.

Tiara – Tell me about your collaboration with ROMderful.

Kayfaraway – I have to give credit to my childhood friend Milky, he brought me around ROMderful when I was 15, and we also started a music group.

Tiara – How was your experience performing in Paris for Kitsune clothing line?

Kayfaraway- That was my first time performing on stage. I did hit a bum note while performing, but I had a great experience performing in Paris, that performance took me out of my comfort zone.

Tiara – What inspired you to make your album called “Set It Off”?

Kayfaraway – The film Set It Off inspired me, the album was the same idea such as nothing is to be giving to us, so we have to go after our opportunity, and take it. The tracks on the album has understanding, purpose, patience, and a mixture of R&B and Rap.

Tiara – What keeps you motivated?

Kayfaraway- I’m satisfied with my numbers so far as music, I have a love for words and different languages, and putting them together, and I am blessed to keep going.

Tiara – You have done a lot, what else will you be dropping soon?

Kayfaraway – I need to put my face out there more, I will be dropping more singles, visuals and I’m hoping to open for more artist.