Meet R&B Duo Zen City

Zen City released their new video for “Levelz”. The artists is an influential duo that has emerged and is taking over the music scene with each new release. Reese, from South Carolina, and Tae, from Pennsylvania, make up the talented pair. They have been diligently at work developing a sound that combines Reese’s sultry, soulful vocals with a wide range of production components, including gospel, trap, and melodic R&B. With its joyful, warm R&B sonics and irresistible melodies, their latest song, “Levelz,” and “Waiting” continues to add to their record of captivating, genre-defying songs.

Both musicians got their start in music when they were quite young. They improved their craft by doing this, and they also started to value their abilities more. Their manager, NeJcion J Davis, initially learned about them thanks to their talent. Since then, they’ve worked with other label members, such as Dash Mylo and Callamar as well as others producers and creatives, their combined creativity is not just influenced by music but also by their experiences in the world as those individuals. They consequently make use of their skills to select relatable music and exciting initiatives. Check out Zen City latest songs below, along with our interview on Voice It.

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Voice It – How did you both come up with the name Zen City?

Tae – Zen City came from a former group member. It means that you are in touch with your inner Zen.

Voice It – Tell us about growing up in South Carolina?

Reece – It is a small town so I am ready to move to Atlanta or LA.

Voice It -How was it growing up in Lancaster, PA?

Reece – I moved to Philidelphia when I was 15 years old. As I got older I started to do more things on my own. Philly has its ups and downs but I love my city.

Voice It -Tell us about connecting with music executives.

Reece – NeJcion connected me with Tae to create a duo he is my connection guy.

Tae – I met reece through NeJcion who have been my manager for 10 years. I was singing on a train to make money, that was my side hustle as a teenager. He mentioned we should make music and went from there.

Voice It – What inspired both of you to start making music?

Tae– I grew up singing in church my father and my entire family also sings.

Voice It – How do you both think music changed over the years?

Reece – I really do not see a difference I used to be more into Gospel. Im just now really getting into rap and R&B. I feel people are trying to be notice at one time.

Tae – Things are more based on social media. Now you have to do trends to appeal for certain crowds. You have to find what you want to do and mix it in with everybody else. I feel you have to make it your own thing.

Voice It– What inspired the record “Waiting”?

Tae – Waiting was sent from “Music Box” they actually did the record for us and submitted it to our manager. “Can We Talk” was done with the record “Waiting” so we wanted to release both songs around the same time.

Reece – I had to feel the song. Shout out to my guy Raven who done the vocal production on the record.

Voice It– What advice would you give upcoming artist?

Reece – Stay consistent dont give up, because soon as you start having doubt you are going to start losing focus.

Tae– Definitely learn the business side, know what you are getting yourself into, learn about the music and enjoy the process.

Voice It – Are you both signed to a record label?

Tae– No we are single when it comes down to the music. We are open to signing to a good record label.

Voice It– Whats next?

New music, performances and videos.