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K Shiday speaks on mentally clocking out prior to being released from 1017, adjusting to fame, BBL 

“It was a struggle, I felt it was so much time from when the people saw me being with my last label and stuff like that… the time frame from when I dropped was like.. now I gotta go in and grab my supporters again and show them… it was probably a little confusing for some of them.. now its all about being consistent and not going ghost” ~ K Shiday when asked about releasing her latest project ‘Jukebox’ independently

K Shiday skips class with Lalaa Shepard of The Progress Report to speak about her departure from Gucci Mane’s 1017, relationship status with former label mates, social media putting females against each other, new music, NFT ventures, and motherhood.

Written by LalaaShepard


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