Atahan is a new artist making waves all the way from Australia


Atahan is an amazing drill, grime, spoken word style rapper with a lot to say and a lot amazing projects coming out all the way from Sydney Australia. This artist has been making a name for himself for some time Australia with his powerful voice and poetic music, already having many hits there. He even started getting some attention in the UK and now he’s coming to America.

His new song Die Free is a perfect example of this artists ability to show us a peak into his perspective and provoke deeper thought on struggles in life many of us have to face to stay true to who we are. The music video was the perfect tone and mood for this song right from the opening scene. The video captures Atahan on a journey for what he really wants and the choices he has to makes to get what he wants and it’s cost. The video perfectly captures the tone in black and white with dark silhouettes and eerie imagery, shot and directed, also song produced by Aztec Flow, another talented Australian local artist and part of the squad. He killed it with this compelling story that has you locked in as you follow Atahan to his ultimate death, a powerful statement. This crew has been making some fire and only has more to come so make sure to stay tuned and follow them on all they have coming next and very soon.