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How flexing your Canada Goose is also giving back to the indigenous communities of Canada!

Canada Goose is changing the game this season with the Agiti collection! Canada goose is a popular winter coat brand that has gained popularity over the years in the streetwear fashion game and some backlash. Now with their pledge to stop using fur by the end of 2022 and finding ways to give back with their Canada Goose Resource center program established in 2009, polar bear conservation efforts, just to name a couple and their collections teaming up with NBA players like Salehe Bembury 90’s inspired collab, they are now finding ways to keep it real and collab with original parka makers for the ultimate limited time collection. 

They partnered this season with 14 Inuk seamstresses in the regions in Canada  Inuvialuit, Nunatsiavut, Nunavut and Nunavik including designer Jennifer Munik (one of my personal favorites) and they took the brand by storm and made them more storm ready with the Atigi (the Inuit word for Parka) collection.  

These 14 women got together and using the traditions and techniques passed down through the generations This collection of bespoke parkas is made using the brands materials features the craftsmanship of the Inuit women (who were the original parka makers) speaks the the importance of authenticity to the brand. 

The Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss told Elle Canada “To us, authenticity is everything. There’s nothing more authentic than a parka sewn by hand by somebody who’s had this knowledge passed down over generations. I think it’s really powerful.” And I have to say I agree. Not only is this line honoring these traditions but giving back as well!!! All proceeds of the limited addition collection will be donated to Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), a non-profit that works with over 60,000 Inuit people, advocating for and promoting Inuit health and well-being! Which is very important to the designers including Munik for their community. I think work like this is beautiful and can cause real change. So now not only can you flex and show out in your Canada Goose with this collection but also feel good about doing your part for the Inuit communities of Canada in even more ways.


Written by Isabel Navarro

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