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Bounty Tank Talks New Single ‘The Win’, ‘His Show’, ‘The Bounty Industry’ And More On ‘Voice It’

Ohio native Bounty Tank released his single called ‘The Win’, the song follows the recent arrival of his new project ‘Skeletons’ which is already at 170,000 streams in just a couple of weeks. In the song, Bounty Tank raps about motivating people and what he went through and overcoming challenges. In our interview below, he also discussed following the footsteps of his mom by studying nursing at Hampton University, and he received a scholarship in football. He later joined the Bounty Hunting industry, which changed Bounty Tank. Seeing how fugitive are treated and arrested with force and violence. Make sure you listen to his latest single ‘The Win’, and check out our interview below.

Bounty Tank Interview on ‘ Voice It’

Tiara – Tell me about growing up in Cleveland, Ohio?

Bounty Tank – Growing up in Cleveland was hard. The economy is not good. Down south, people are more welcoming, I love my state, but there’s no growth.

Tiara – You also went to Hampton University for nursing and received a football scholarship. How did you balance playing football and studying for nursing?

Bounty Tank – It was great, and the best time of my life. I would always finish my work at the last minute. Nursing wasn’t hard for me. I would study a couple of days before class and memorize everything.

Tiara – How do you feel about police brutality?

Bounty Tank – Police brutality has been going on for a long time. I don’t work with the police, but I have to deal with them. I have been in bad situations and treated wrong just because I’m a black man. It needs to be a change. I’m always preaching and delegating non-violence on my show. I capture people that I arrest all the time, and it never gets violent. Things can change. It needs to be a cultural awareness. There could be a cop in a predominantly black neighborhood, and the cops will get intimidated. The police officers need to stop reaching for their guns. I have mace, that’s the first thing I pull out. I would clear a house first before I pull out a gun. The police officers can sense when you don’t know your rights, or they could have a lot of money and take someone to court and hire a counsel to fight their case. The officers target low-income areas, and the people can’t fight for themselves, so they get lost in the system.

Tiara – Who inspired you growing up?

Bounty Tank – My mom struggled and worked hard to keep food on the table. She also went to nursing school and was the only black woman to compete in competitive programs, which motivated me to work hard.

Tiara– Tell me about your new song, The Win?

Bounty Tank – The Win is about the things I went through, and I want to motivate people. Everyone wants to win. Whatever you want to accomplish, go for it.

Tiara – What else can we expect from you soon?

Bounty Tank – More projects, I will be dropping a mixtape soon, and I will also be doing features for artists.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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