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Triy Talks His New Album “Triy Season”Growing Up In Boston Becoming a Rap Artist, And More On “Voice It”

Triy is known as a rapper/songwriter from Boston, Ma. He released “F*ck It Up” & “Baddies,” which has over 100,000 streams. Triy recently released his 13 track album called “Triy Season,” The Unexpected Journey. Guest appearances by Tailored Musiq & Bia Javier, Kamgeez & Vanni Allan Poe, Rosewoodbape, and Bookbagboonie. The Boston native attended Berklee College of Music for two years; he focused on becoming an artist and songwriter for his peers and released his first body of work. In our interview below, Triy discussed his journey to becoming a rap artist, the meaning behind his new album cover, new visuals, and more. Make sure you check out our interview below.

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Triy Interviews on “Voice It”

Tiara -Tell me about growing up in Boston, MA.

Triy – Growing up in Boston was good, I joined the Band in middle school. I also studied Jazz, Latin music, and Orchestra at Boston Arts Academy.

Tiara – Who inspired you to start making music?

Triy – When I was 3 years old, my mom bought my first drum set. My stepfather was a pastor, and I started playing the drums in church. What made me want to become an artist, I bought Kanye West first album College Drop Out, so I started rapping and making my own beats.

Tiara – Who are some of your favorite artist?

Triy – Drake, Kanye West, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, and Jay-Z.

Tiara – What keeps you motivated?

Triy – My kids, I have a six-year-old daughter, and an eight-month-old son. They motivate me to continue to strive for greatness.

Tiara – What artist would like to collaborate with?

Triy – Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, Her, and Ty Dolla Sign, those are the top artists I listen to on a daily.

Tiara – What are your emotions like in the studio?

Triy – I go off of the vibe, and I keep only two people in the studio with me.

Tiara – How do you prepare for a performance?

Triy – I shut everything out, and I listen to what I am about to do. Usually I memorize everything, but I like to rehearse before I go on stage. This past June I put together a virtual performance with a live band, so I rehearsed did a prayer before I went on stage.

Tiara – Tell me about your songs F*ck It Up and Baddies.

Triy – Baddies is my No.1 song; I have a video for F*ck It Up. I plan to do one for Baddies next year and make a remix for the song on a deluxe album.

Tiara – Tell me the meaning behind your new album cover.

Triy – Everything in the cover represents things that happen unexpectedly. The outfit I have on is from me being in the hospital, I have MS, my son being born, the ninja turtle box represents my brother, he passed away years ago. The location, I was in my grandmother’s basement that’s where I made my first beat.

Tiara – You have done a lot, what else can we expect from you soon?

Triy – I will be shooting a video for Vibe With Me and I have a live showcase coming up next month.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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