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Dooley Da Don Talks New Music And Success On ‘Voice It’

Dooley Da Don is known as a rapper/ song writer. The South Carolina native is no stranger to the rap industry, Dooley started rapping and writing at a very young age, and was also inspired by his brother who is also a rapper. In the interview he also mention learning how to play the Guitar, touring and working with major artist like Bigga Rankin and many more. Dooley Da Don recently dropped his dope mixtape called “421 Blues” with some great appearances “Confidential” Featuring Bigga Rankin Quando Rando, “JJ Evans” Featuring Rylo Rodriguez, “Smokin Mirrors” Featuring Lil Bike. Da Don continues to make major moves and have more visuals and music dropping soon. Make sure go download his mixtape ‘421 Blues’, is now streaming on all platforms, and take a look at his previous visuals, and our interview below.

Dooley Da Don ‘Interview’

Tiara– Hey how are you doing?

Dooley Da Don- I’m doing good, how are you?

Tiara– Im good, thank you

Tiara –  You started off rapping at a very young age how was that?

Dooley Da Don-  Rapping  was never hard, it was always something I wanted to do. I listen to everything, and if you want something bad enough you have to stay on it. You wanna be the best at  whatever you want to do.

Tiara – What artist do you want to work with in the future?

Dooley Da Don- Young Boy, Polo G, and Rod Wave,  they have there own swag and I have my own swag, and working with them I know every thing  will pop!

Tiara– So what inspired you to start rapping?

Dooley Da Don- My brother  inspired me to start rapping, he is also a rapper, but I could always write about anything and any type of music.

Tiara – How are you staying motivated through this Quarantine?

Dooley Da Don- Im staying active, taking care of my dog, and staying in the studio.

Tiara – What advice would you give upcoming artist?

Dooley Da Don- Keep going, don’t worry about the negative things people have to say, go with what you know.

Tiara– You also have other talent, how did you learn how to play the Guitar?

Dooley Da Don- My teacher Fox, I always wanted to play the Guitar.

Tiara– Will you be going on tour anytime soon? 

Dooley Da Don – I was suppose to start a  “Blessing and Skeezus” tour  before everything got shut down, 

Tiara – Tell me about your single ‘Third Finger’

Dooley Da Don- It’s about people hating on you, and they  don’t wanna see you do good, and also stay away from people  that don’t want to see you achieve your goal, I get the most love from people I don’t even know.

Tiara – You also worked with some major artist, how was it working with Bigga Rankin?

Dooley Da Don- Bigga Rankin, he was the one that brought me into this, that one day I met him  change my  life.

Tiara – What do you listen to when your not listening to your own music?

Dooley Da Don-  Polo G,  I mostly listen to a lot of throwback music, R Kelly, Pleasure P,  Usher Confession Part II.

Tiara – Tell me about signing to ‘Think Its A Game Records’ ?

Dooley Da Don-  They’re so supportive, I stay working, I’m always in the studio,  and I have a great Publicist.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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