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Get Gutta Talks New Music Called “Suffocation”, His Journey to Becoming An Artist, And More On “Voice It”

Get Gutta is known as rapper/ songwriter from Greenville South Carolina. He was influenced by some of Hip Hop’s pioneers like KRS-One, Run DMC, LL Cool J, 2Pac, and Notorious B.I.G. In 2000 The South Carolina native created an independent record label called Power move Recordings in Greenville, South Carolina along with a family friend. He also started the “Toy Soldiers” toy drive in 2005, where toys were purchased and donated to give to underprivileged kids in low-income communities. In our interview below Gutta mentioned his journey to becoming a rap artist, the meaning behind his album called “Heart on My Sleeve” and More. His new music is out now called “Suffocation” which is streaming on all digital platforms, Make sure you check out our interview below.

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Get Gutta Interview on Voice It

Tiara – Tell me about growing up in Greenville, South Carolina.

Get Gutta – I grew up in a low income area, my dad was a cop, I was around domestic violence and abuse in my household. My dad was not an alcoholic, and he never used drugs he just had some issues after going to war. My childhood was great because I had other people around that made sure we didn’t see the bad things that were going on in my neighborhood. The bad situations I went through in my household gave me the strength to do better, and I made sure I stayed on the right path.

Tiara – What inspired you to start writing poetry?

Get Gutta – I was 11 years old when I started writing poetry, and at the age of 12, that’s when I started to put it towards music inspired by Snoop Dogg, and other West Coast artists. Writing poetry has always been a way for me to express myself.

Tiara– Who are some of your favorite artists that you listen to now?

Get Gutta – Kevin Gates, he expresses himself in all of his music.

Tiara – Tell me about your album “Heart on My Sleeve.”

Get Gutta – In the mix of making that album, my wife passed away unexpectedly. Going through that took me to a dark place. My wife inspired me on so many different levels. I also have a sleeve dedicated to her, so that’s why I named the album Heart on My Sleeve.

Tiara – What keeps you motivated?

Get Gutta – My daughter keeps me motivated I have been fighting for custody to keep her for five years. Having people around that love me, my wife I have her tattooed on my arm, she was always a positve person that never complained.

Tiara – What advice would you give the upcoming artist?

Get Gutta – Stay true to yourself, don’t get caught up trying to make music to please other people, and make sure you build brand for yourself.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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