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Emiko Talks Touring In The U.K & New Music And More

Emiko is known as an influential r&b soul singer/ songwriter from West London. In our interview, Emiko discussed growing up and facing new challenges and mentioned how the music industry has changed for the better. He also toured around the U.K, with multiple sold-out shows. Emiko has had a fantastic start; he co-signed with an international artist Maseago back in 2018, which lead to his release “R U Down” It all started from a freestyle that he posted to Twitter over his single ‘Tadow’ and Masego loved it. Emiko continues to make great inspiring music and moves. Make sure you download his music, which is now streaming on all major platforms, and check out our Q&A interview below.

Emiko Q & A Interview

Tiara– Tell me about growing up in West London U.K.

Emiko- Growing up in the U.K, it was good, the American r&b music scene inspired me, and as I got older, we started our own r&b scene here so I combined them both and put that into my music.

Tiara– Tell me about “Better Times” what inspired you to make that song?

Emiko- I tried to dig deep into my childhood, and the challenging moments growing up.

Tiara- How do you feel about the music industry now?

Emiko – In London, it’s so many music artists here, I remember it use to be so hard for an independent artist to get recognition now Its nice to see that you can pursue your music without a label.

Tiara– When did you first start to sing?

Emiko- I have been singing my whole life, but I was also shy growing up, when I turned seventeen, I started performing more and gaining confidence.

Tiara– Tell me about your song “Peace Of Mind”?

Emiko – I wanted to write about my whole journey in life and different moments, giving the audience my thoughts, feelings, and my childhood.

Tiara– How was it like going on Tour?

Emiko – I toured around the U.K, in February I had a Headline show that sold out, before the quarantine. 

Tiara – How do you feel performing in front of a broad audience inspired by your music?

Emiko- When I’m on stage, I’m always energetic, and I love interacting with the audience. 

Tiara– Where would you like to tour next?

Emiko – I was supposed to go to Los Angeles, California, before everything got shut down. That’s the next place I would love to go. 

Tiara– Tell me about the collaboration with Masego?

Emiko- I did a freestyle over his song ‘Tadow” on Twitter, and Masego has seen it, and he loved it.

Tiara- What can we expect from you in the future.

Emiko- Yes, once we get the green light from our governor, I will be making new videos, and doing a lot of performances.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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