Young Dolph & Key Glock’s ‘Dum & Dummer 2’ Turns Years Old

On March 26, 2021, Young Dolph and Key Glock released “Dum and Dummer 2” which is their second album.

They kept Dum & Dummer 2 a secret until they released the winter-themed video for the album’s lead hit, “Aspen.” The 20-track album but the rap duo took the original album’s explosive intensity and amplified it for the follow-up.

“We were anxious to have fun on this album,” Dolph explains to Billboard. “There’s a song on there called ‘Cheat Code’ we recorded in LA, and we don’t record music together, but we played that one back over and over. The song was too raw and too hard, and we were like, ‘S—t, let’s make another 15 of these and put it out.’ We knew we had to make another one — so we said, ‘F–k it, let’s drop Dum and Dummer 2.” 

What is your favorite song on the album?