Voice It Presents 2nd Grammy Nominated Singer & Songwriter “Upstrz”

Upstrz recently released his “Meet Me Upstrz” project and his new music video called “Mine” .

The R&B singer-songwriter has collaborated with some of today’s most prominent artists, such as Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger, Usher, and more.

Upstrz is headed for his second Grammy nomination for his work on Chris Brown’s “Hmhmm” on Breezy. Originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota, he now makes Atlanta his home, where he has carved out a name for himself in the music business. His vocal tone is reminiscent of a mixture of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and The Weeknd, allowing him to be highly versatile as an artist. Upstrz is a multi-talented artist with various talents, including singing, writing, producing, dancing, and engineering. Through the mentorship and guidance of multi-platinum producer Shek’spere and later his current management, Upstrz began writing for others. He has worked with many of Atlanta’s hottest producers and songwriters on a global scale. Music isn’t just something he does; it’s something he lives.


Voice It:

Tiara- Tell us about being introduced to the music industry.

Upstrz – My father was the first person that introduced me to the music industry and Shek’spere, which was my gateway to entering the business. 

Tiara – How did you feel when you were nominated for a 2nd Grammy this year for Chris Brown’s “Hmhmm” on Breezy?

 Upstrz – I found out through social media. It’s a blessing; I would never have imagined this happening; once the nomination was confirmed, I immediately posted it to my Instagram page. 

Tiara – How was your transition moving from Minnesota to Atlanta?

Upstrz – It was tough at the beginning. I locked myself into the music and got lost in that world, and from there, it transitioned to me being in the room with different producers, songwriters, and artists. Then I started getting comfortable after meeting more people.

Tiara – Tell us about your new album Meet Me Upstrz?

Upstrz – Meet Me Upstrz, which I dropped on December 14, 2022, and executive produced by Troy Taylor. It was long overdue for me to put out music, and singles were not enough; I last released a body of work in 2016. It was necessary to drop a small body of work to get people familiar with me and get my current fan base engaged and more involved in my career versus being a songwriter. I wanted to get back into the spotlight.

Tiara – What is the reason behind the song on the album “No Subliminals”?

It was based on a situation in the past that I encountered and not leaving any room for questions. So far as social media, I know they were posting to get my attention.

Tiara – For the people that don’t know, who were some artists you wrote music for?

Upstrz – I recently worked with Veto, Usher, Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger, Omeretta, Usher, and much more.

Tiara – What advice would you give inspiring artists?

Upstrz – Be yourself, don’t get discouraged follow your passion; there is no blueprint. If you love what you are doing, you will be ok; it is not an overnight thing; it’s going to take time, and do your best.

What artist would you want to work with soon?

Upstrz – I want to work with Pharrell. I would love to make that happen. 

What’s Next?

UPstrz – I have three tour dates in February with Eric Bellinger, and in March, I have a show in LA, & more music is dropping this spring.