KaMillion speaks on elevating from reality TV, landing her role as Mia Knight on Rap Sh!t, new music 

“I am Mia and Mia is me and I just started auditioning and I didn’t even know my lines by heart, it was like a hour before we were supposed to turn it in and I waited til the last minute I wasn’t even gonna audition but I had printed out the script and taped it around my ring light… I ended up getting a call back” ~ KaMillion

Duval, FL artist and actress, KaMillion returns to The Progress Report Podcast to speak on life in Jacksonville, FL, graduating from reality TV to landing her leading role as Mia Knight on Issa Rae’s ‘Rap Sh!t’ show on HBO, rap money vs acting money, season two of ‘Rap Sh!t’, overcoming BS, and her upcoming project. 

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