Law School and Rap: Quron Payne pursuing both

Howard Law Student Quron Payne returns with a heartfelt visual titled “Turned Tables.” In mid-July of this year, Quron dropped off a motivational track titled “Be Something,” which Quron said, “the welcome back to hip-hop was amazing. I was scared to put out music again as I didn’t know how the community would receive it now that I’m like super educated, but I’m happy so many enjoyed the song, and visual.”

Then we asked, “Why a heartfelt follow-up as opposed to an upbeat track since ‘up-beat motivational’ worked previously?”, Quron responded, “I always want people to see me as human. I’m no different than anyone else, and I do too go through things that make it hard to be positive. So, I basically wanted to share a time in my life when I wasn’t in the best spirits. I feel there is strength in vulnerability. 

Written by schweinbeck

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