“While I Have Your Attn” with Griff Tyler

A rising star out of Inglewood, Ca is becoming as bright as the North Star on a gloomy smog night in Los Angeles. 

Griff Tyler already had a royal flush on ‘Play Your Cards Right’ A Westside Love Story, that generated heat and transferred it to his next project, “While I Have Your Attn”. 

Griff Tyler has moved his way through the music game and has been received by the radio universe and playlist God’s. You can currently catch several of Griff Tyler songs on Power 106 and Real 923 in Los Angeles and across the world on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 and the platform of ‘No Jumper’ through the show “Mad Lately”. 

As your listening pleasures may have subsequently brought you to Griff’s catalog, let me get you back on track with the attention where it is needed. Griff Tyler’s new single, 3 pack, 

“While I Have Your Attn”! 

  1. Show Off produced by A&G

“Show Off” is a banger that showcases the ranges of Griff Tyler’s diversity as an artist and word play. This song will have you in the gym working out and showing off your guns, muscles and flexing. The song felt like he was battling his ego of having to Showoff his talent and work he has put in the gym. 

“Last year had a buzz it was light year. 

My throw always have the label like sign here. “

  1. Sign Me Up produced by Shawty.wav

“Sign Me Up” for any type of woman that Griff Tyler is singing about,

 “Cancel my plans out, you got that mando

I need it Mando, 

you got some death row you got that kill you got some Ammo”

  1. Forehead Kisses produced by Viper Beatz

“Forehead Kisses” is one of those cheat code songs you put on to get some cuddy/pearl. You put the song on and do as instructed. Booty rubs and forehead kisses. 

“Handle business grant your wishes everyday gifts times 10 on Christmas 

Hugs with love plus soul and spirit 

Booty Rubs and forehead Kisses” 

I caught up with Griff Tyler and asked him a couple of questions about the new project. 


“What was the process in making the 3 pack single? “


“I just got a lot of songs in the chamber and those were three my team and I really liked so we put them together to put out. It was that simple.”


“And what gave you the idea for the title?”


“The title was just to tell people that I know they’re watching so while they are imma go crazy.”

Written by Zylo Hefferan

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