209Ghozt & Prince Sole release “Praying You Got Me” [Audio]

Listen here: https://song.link/us/i/1671808655

209Ghozt’s discography is much more than a collection of fine-tuned production, it’s a history of his own musical journey from DJ to music producer and engineer. With his newest release, he connects with fellow engineer Prince Sole who rounds out “Praying You Got Me” in the best way possible to create one of the most exciting tracks to drop this year.

At first, the song was intended to be titled “Wait for You” and only feature 209Ghozt on the vocals, but after working with Prince Sole, 209Ghozt expanded the idea past his original conception. Prince Soul provided a type of creativity that completely restructured the track to fit his own style and delivery while perfectly pairing with 209Ghozt’s newly defined production.
While his recent work is just an example of his 4 month experience in production, 209Ghozt trajectory into the field began years ago with his early interest in discovering new music back in the LimeWire days. He quickly created a reputation for himself as the go to music guy with his mixtapes and created a swift transition into a DJ role by the time he completed high school. By
2021, he was more interested in the production side of things and decided to make his own beats.

“Praying You Got Me” takes listeners on a sonic journey and makes it a must listen for anyone who’s looking to dive into 209Ghozt’s catalog. Now as a producer, 209Ghozt aims to continue to define his sound and experiment with new ways of production while also working with more artists in the future such as his offering with Prince Sole.

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