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Lil Crank Talks New Album “Crank Mode” And More On “Voice It”

Lil Crank is best known as a rapper out of Cobb County (Smyrna Georgia). This young talented rapper is making a name for himself and has caught the attention of industry heavyweights Wiz Khalifa, Lil Durk, Waka Flocka, DJ Holiday, Mike Will Made It, and Jazze Pha. He released his album called “Crank Mode” on September 18th. In the album the songs are Holiday, Drill Time, Brainstorm, War Time and more. In our interview below we learned about the influences of several aspects of his life. Crank Mode is streaming on all digital platforms. Make sure you check out our interview below.

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Lil Crank Interview on ” Voice It”

Tiara – Tell me about growing up in Aiken, South Carolina.

Lil Crank – I spent most of my childhood in Atlanta, but I would go to South Carolina every summer.

Tiara – When did you start rapping?

Lil Crank – When I was in the 9th grade, me and my brother was playing around rapping. We dropped the song and got 80,000 views on Soundcloud, and then we just kept going.

Tiara – Tell me about your new project “Crank Mode”.

Lil Crank – “Crank Mode” is a project I started working on when I came home on April 4th.

Tiara – Tell me about the collaboration with you and DJ Holiday.

Lil Crank – DJ Holiday came across my Instagram through Precise Earz which is a platform that has music and blogs, and we linked up at the studio and we just went from there.

Tiara – Who are some of the artists you were listening to growing up?

Lil Crank – Lil Durk, Bobby Shmurda, and chief keef.

Tiara – Tell me about the visuals you released.

Lil Crank – most of my visuals are done in Atlanta, I just finished a video in Delaware that I have not released yet, but it will be coming out very soon.

Tiara – How do you feel now that you’re no longer incarcerated?

Lil Crank – It’s a blessing, and it feels good to wake up and do whatever I want to do.

Tiara – What keeps you motivated?

Lil Crank – Having my family around, they’re so proud of me, and keeping them happy is what keeps me going.

Tiara – What artists would you like to do a song with?

Lil Crank – Tee Grizzley, and NoCap.

Tiara – Tell me about some of the challenges you go through as a rapper.

Lil Crank – The challenges are coming out of Cobb County some of the people don’t respect rappers out of Cobb County, only the metro areas in Atlanta.

Tiara – Tell me about your song “Drill Time”.

Lil Crank – I like to make songs to get people turnt, when I’m making songs I’m always thinking about performing, and I go off on how the vibe is in the studio.

Tiara – What else will you be working on or dropping soon?

Lil Crank – I’m dropping my deluxe to “Crank Mode” on October, 31st.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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