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Kreshona KD Waye Talks Working In Media, Beauty, Financial Industry, And More On ‘Voice It’

Kreshona “KD” Waye is known as a business woman that established herself in the beauty, media and financial industry. Working behind the scenes as a hairstylist for Yandy Smith on several occasions from Love & Hip Hop, The Journi Brothers, and more. KD also worked on projects for New York Fashion Week in Mahattan at Soho, Lord & Taylor’s Fathers Day fashion show, Kenny Lazer the Retreat Project and much more. In our interview below the New Jersey native talks working on new projects with r&b artist Siani, published model Melanie Lopez, starting her new buisness called Stylist Waye Agency, and more. Make sure you check out our interview below.

Website: Talk Growth Kreshona Donae

Instagram: @kreshonadanae

KD Waye Interviews on Voice It

Tiara – Where are you originally from?

KD Waye – I’m from Vineland, New Jersey, which is 30 mins from Atlantic City.

Tiara – Who inspired you growing up?

Kreshona Waye – My father and grandmother, she is a strong black woman, hustler, and I always felt honored to have her in my life. My father instilled in me a lot of militant, laws of life, and credit, so I’m grateful to have him in my life to give me that knowledge.

Tiara – Tell me about the work you’re doing in the media and fashion industry.

Kreshona Waye – In the media industry, I worked with Yandy Smith from Love & Hip Hop. I styled her hair on several occasions for screen recordings. I also do a lot of videos, and I have an upcoming r&b artist Siani I do a lot of work with her. She is well known in Virginia, New York, and she is signed to an upcoming label in New York as well. I also work with Melanie Lopez she is a published model and actor from New York and currently resides in LA. She has been in videos such as Casanova, and Terror Squad. I have done Melanie’s hair for that project as well. I worked with numerous videographers and photographers that brought me on as an assistant stylist, hairstylist, and fashion stylist. Kenny Lazer is a videographer, he does short films and video shoots as well. Kenny has done Philly fashion week and New York fashion week, which is where I met him. I also worked on a collaboration with him called, the Kenny Retreat.

Tiara – How did you get started in investment and financial literacy industry?

Kreshona Waye – I know it’s a lot of things out here that they are not teaching us, so I wanted to figure things out for myself. What sparked that was I was already five years in the hair industry, working in a salon, and I was ready to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to have good credit I just didn’t know how to go about it, so I started to do more research, and I was fortunate enough to work with investors that were attached to a platform that taught me how to invest the right way. Embarking on this journey and being an investor, I can finally teach and invest in my hair business.

Tiara – Tell me about your new business called Stylist Waye Agency

Kreshona Waye – I’m starting a new production agency so I can be hired by the clients I already have or a new client that wants to launch a new product. If it’s an artist that needs a video shoot done, mixtape cover, makeup artist, props, location, or extra models, I will make sure to provide everything for that production.

Tiara – What advice would you give people that want to invest in their business?

Kreshona Waye – Get in tune with yourself, have an open mind before you do your research, and don’t pass up opportunities. I always tell people to invest in their business.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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