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Chicago Santana Talks New Mixtape And More

Chicago Santana is known as an independent rapper/ songwriter from Landover, Maryland. This rap star is no stranger to the music industry. He has been making it happen since he was six years old. In the interview, Chicago Santana paid homage to Michael Hughes, who got him in the studio and enjoyed Chicago Santana music at a young age. Michael Hughes also worked with other big names in the industry, to name a few the legendary Jay Z and Ludacris. Chicago Santana also worked with some big artists in the music industry Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, Waka Floca, OJ Da Juiceman Metro Boomin, and much more. Santana continues to make great music and signature moves. Check out our interview below and download his music, which is now streaming on all major platforms.

Trapped Out [Explicit]

Chicago Santana Q & A Interview

Tiara- When did you first fall in love with music?

Chicago Santana – Since forever, I was five or six years old when I fell in love with music.

Tiara– DId you learn how to rap on your own?

Chicago Santana- I was doing a lot of free styling in school thats where it all started.

Tiara– Tell me how was it like working with Michael Hughes?

Chicago Santana – Rip Michael Hughes, he was the one that got me in the studio at a young age, I was in the studio playing around making music when he seen me in the studio playing around, he thought he could make something out of it

Tiara– Tell me about growing up in Landover, Maryland?

Chicago Santana- It’s a mid-class area. The area is a mixer of poverty and hood. I went to school there. I grew up there and in DC, but it’s also a place where I learn how to move, growing up there taught me how to hustle if you want something out of life don’t expect for someone to give it to you. I met Wale, and other major artist from the DMV I respect the hustle. It just makes you think like its possible. I seen a lot of people come up in my area 

Tiara– How was it like working with Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Young Dolph, and OJ DA Juice?

Chicago Santana- I love all the songs that I have done with those types of artists. I’m grateful for it. It gave me a solid foundation. I’m satisfied with doing songs by myself, but if someone reaches out to me, of course, I’m humble, and I’m willing to do it and make it happen.

Tiara– What’s keeping you motivated through this Quarantine?

Chicago Santana- I have a son, that’s a prime factor of motivation, I see what it is now, and I see the path that I’m on, I just never stop I keep going I always make sure I’m working on something, everything doesn’t happen overnight.

Tiara- Tell me about your hot single “I Might” featuring Young Dolph?

Chicago Santana- I just release the song over a mixtape I’m about to drop,  I overcame a court situation that happens over a year ago, I’m past that now I was just going through something at the time, that mixtape is for the streets. and the other mixtape is more of the right vibe type of music. “I Might” visual will be dropping on BET Jamz soon.

Tiara – When everything opens back up, will you be going on tour?

Chicago Santana-We was supposed to go on an East coast west coast tour before everything got shut down, so I will find out by June.

Tiara – Tell me about your single “Trapped Out”?

Chicago Santana- That’s the song Gucci Mane, and Young Dolph reached out to me and did, it’s crazy how life works out, Gucci came out to do a show in DC and then called me to come out to Atlanta. Young Dolph got on the song at the very beginning of his career before being well-known in the industry. Everything worked out great.

Tiara – Describe your overall style?

Chicago Santana- I’m from the DMV, I don’t have the DMV flow I rap in between fast in slow, all my music is based off-street music, and how I feel about things, I know what the people expect from me I always stay true to what got me through the door.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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