Capella Grey speaks on pushing “Gyalis” for 2 years before releasing a project, almost getting kicked off Chris Brown’s album, NYC R&B

“So I understand that usually when people put out a single or whatever like that, as soon as it gets lit you feel pressure from all of the industry and media or whatever like that to hurry up and put out your body of work and then rush your process. The people dem realistically I understand momentum and all that but realistically though just worry about putting out classic sh*t. I feel like now, we got all the popcorn sh*t out the way. I felt like for a couple years, the music industry was freestyling, I feel like its moving forward though, we should work so that we can take pride in having our own sound, our own classic vibe.” ~ Capella Grey

Capella Grey makes his debut on The Progress Report Podcast to speak on “Gyalis” song success, sampling Juvenile “Back That Azz Up”, industry relationships with Chris Brown and Tory Lanez, and his upcoming debut project titled ‘Vibe Responsibly Volume 1’ releasing January 27th.