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Aztec Flow bringing us Brentwood in the 90’s

Aztec Flow is an Australian artist that truly does it all. He is a rapper, producer, director, videographer, and actor that has been making his own projects from the beat all the way to the visual for awhile and been helping many other artists all over Australia. His music is a dynamic blend of styles and his unique flow, he is already a huge influence to Australian rap scene but also helping so many other artists develop their sound and coming up with and creating quality visuals for them. He is clearly a leader in the music scene there as well and may be coming to bless the states soon.

He just dropped his latest project Brentwood in the 90s, a designer trap track that sounds radio ready. This artists sound has major crossover appeal and his new song is a clever reference to the OJs infamous escape to the Brentwood house when everyone was sure that OJ was guilty and the world was against him, a highly debated topic to this day. It’s so crazy to see the national influence these moments in history have and the different perspectives across the world, the feelings they seem to invoke when you put yourself in the shoes of the person. This artist put himself in the hot seat and made a hot track that is perfect for putting on full volume and getting hyped too. I love the energy this artist brings in both his sound and lyrics and this song is another perfect example of this. His witty lyrics and polished sound make him one to watch. Make sure to go follow him and all he has coming soon!


Written by Isabel Navarro

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