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Music Artist TMG FRE$H Talks New Music “Vlone” And More On Voice It

TMG FRESH puts passion to paper in his new release “VLONE”. His first single to drop off of his anticipated EP “MARGIELA LANGUAGE,” which will be dropping this summer. “VLONE”., produced by Mad Max and JMike, is a deep dive into dealing with betrayal and that moment of realizing the importance of having a strong discernment in these streets because of other people that envy and lack of good character. Along with his music, film career and plans to manage professional fighters in the near future, TMG FRE$SH has goals that speak to his upbringing of awareness about social issues, social justice, and how one person makes a big difference on a large scale. It’s that mindset that pushes him to do more, including starting a media company that encompasses music, film, television, fashion, the ability to empower and put other artists in a position to successfully live out their dreams. All of this and more speaks to his desire to be immortalized through his art- music and film – and the hope for people to experience his legacy and influence for generations to come.

In our interview, the California native discussed visuals, new music with Ty Dolla $ign, Sean Kingston, Simba, Jeremih, and more. Make sure you download ‘Vlone,” which is streaming on all digital platforms, and watch his new visual below.

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TMG FRE$H Interview on Voice It

Tiara – How was it growing up in the Bay area?

TMG FRE$H – I enjoyed growing up in the Bay area, it is a place where a lot of different cultures come together and interact with each other.

Tiara – What inspires you?

TMG FRE$H – Creativity, I’m always trying to create something better than the last thing that I did, and great art.

Tiara – Tell me about your latest single VLone.

TMG FRE$H – When I made that record I was thinking about the people that were in my life that betrayed me in different ways, I wasn’t sad, I just recognized the people that were hating, and moved on with my life.

Tiara – Tell me about your visual for VLone.

TMG FRE$H The video was shot in Los Angeles. During the shoot, someone had tested positive for COVID, and I couldn’t film on set. We had to find a double on the day of and I directed the video from a monitor on my sofa. So I went back in for a few days to shoot my part on a green screen.

Tiara – What keeps you motivated?

TMG FRE$H- Making great music, and visuals that people enjoy and never seen before.

Tiara – What was the inspiration behind your song Late Night?

TMG FRE$H- Late Night is a vibe, the beat has a dark cool great feel to it. I wanted to make a melody with that type of energy.

Tiara – Tell me about your new EP Margiela Language?

TMG FRE$H- Mariegla is high in fashion, it’s not about everything being nice, but there is a flip side to that, so far as who you can trust, and betrayals. I use this project to give people both sides of me.

Tiara – What is the inspiration behind your fashion?

TMG FRE$H – I go off of what I see and like. I try to find things that are interesting and creative, I browse through different fashion websites and mix them up.

Tiara – Who are the artists that you recently did a collaboration with?

TMG FRE$H – I have a great song coming out with Jeremih called Top Down, which has a summer vibe. I have a song with Sean Kingston titled 2010 it’s a Guitar driven feel. The song with Simba is called Fuck How you Feel it has a very high-energy sound. he is from the Bay area as well and with Ty Dolla $ign.

Tiara – What is next?

TMG FRE$H – I’m dropping a new video for my song Late Night, and No Tears, and hoping to release more videos at the beginning of May this year.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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