A whole new side to TayF3rd in ‘A Cinderella Story’ With New Album Out Now

Long Beach, Ca native, the melodic singing with a gumbo pot of sounds, TayF3rd delivers like an Amazon Prime package with his latest album ‘A Cinderella Story’. 

‘A Cinderella Story’ has some heavy hitting features from fellow Long Beach natives,  $tupid Young on the track “Never”, to Ncredibles own DW Flame with 2 collaborations on tracks “Sad Song” and “Deceiving”, to the track with FT Hopout on the record “Violence” which is my favorite off the album. He has other features from Compton AV, Smakc, GFunk,  Ysep, and more. 

‘A Cinderella Story’ is a 7 track album is filled all the way up with vibes, although 7 tracks is the minimum to be considered to be an album it gives all of his fan the feeling he will drop again soon. The entire project is produced by TayF3rd go to producer, Kayoe Beats! 

I asked TayF3rd about making ‘A Cinderella Story’ and what is next for King Thuwop. 

“Making Cinderella was honestly jus vulnerability. I honestly had that direction only, besides the fact of stunting, I wanted to reach deep down and show my feelings. Cinderella was only a door openi though, I have an album called Threesus I’m gonna be dropping very soon, n which I guess u can say is a part 2, but longer. This album had 7, the next one will have 16 tracks, no features all me. “

Written by Zylo Hefferan

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