The Watcher: Movie Review

The Watcher is a show produced by Netflix, in the year 2022. It features cast members, Bobby Cannavale, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Coolidge, and others. Bobby and Naomi play the role of the main characters, Dean and Nora Brannock. Dean and Nora are a couple that spent their last dime to move into a humongous, mansion-like home.

The frightening twist is the show is actually based on a true story that took place in 2014, in Westfield, New Jersey. It’s considered a cold case today because authorities never figured out who The Watcher is.

The Watcher is awesomely entertaining! The events that took place in the first few episodes will have you dying of laughter. I was so glued to my seat that it built-up suspense, which caused me to binge watch the entire seven (7) episode season in less than forty-eight (48) hours. I would absolutely advice you to have a doctor or healthcare professional present when you watch because you just might laugh your ass off!

It’s apparent the Brannocks did little to zero research about their new home before they committed to the purchase. When I was a child, I would see communities stick together in movies, building each other up, and always being friendly. Not The Watcher though; in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

After my consumption of the show, I learned a few things. Lesson one is to always do your due diligence before purchasing a home. You must always research the community you plan to move into. If something smells fishy it usually is. And lastly, always be ready to protect and defend the lives and properties of those you love.

Don’t waste another second, go straight to Netflix and stream The Watcher!

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