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Pap Chanel speaks on P Valley placement, GloRilla inspiring her to be sober, shoots her shot at Ja Morant 

“I’m not gon lie, shoutout to GloRilla she inspired me because when she did her manifestation stage, she was like no liquor, no f*ck boys, and I was like you know what I need to do the same because I be giving f*ck boys too much of my time” ~ Pap Chanel 

Pap Chanel joins Lalaa Shepard, Boss Britt, and DJ eXeL for Lunch Table Talk presented by The Progress Report to speak about her recent SXSW trip, 2023 being the year of the female rappers, her dating life, P Valley placement, “Gucci Bucket Hat” with Future, relationship with Lola Brooke, GloRilla inspiring her to become sober,  “Left Right” new single and her upcoming project ‘PapTivities.

Written by LalaaShepard

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