Bob Lennon Talks Being In The Music Industry, New Music And More

Bob Lennon is known as a rapper/singer and songwriter from Macon Ga. The rap star consistently displays dope music, to name a few ‘Face Time,’ ‘Rockstar,’ ‘London drip’, and more. In our interview below, Bob Lennon discuss signing under Waka Flocka’s label ‘Brick Squad,’ and releasing his debut album called ‘Ashtrays’ which is now streaming on all platforms, and working with dope producers. He also discusses growing up in his home town Macon Ga, and the road to becoming a fantastic artist. Make sure you download his album, which is now streaming on all platforms, and check out our interview below.……


Bob Lennon Q&A Interview

Tiara  –  Tell me about growing up in Macon, Ga?

Bob Lennon – Its a small metro area mostly ruff areas I grew up just like any other urban child.

Tiara – How are you doing through this tragic moment with George Floyd?

Bob Lennon  – I’m figuring out a plan on what to do as an activist and making sure I make smart decisions and what’s best for the world, and staying safe.

Tiara – Tell me about your single ‘FaceTime,’ what inspired you to make that song?

Bob Lennon –  My producer sent over multiple records that did not click with me, then he sent over one that is titled ‘Bob Lennon’ I was worried at first because my name was on it, but after I heard the song it was beautiful! I wrote the song in like 20 Minutes.

Tiara  – How did you come up with your stage name ‘Bob Lennon’?

Bob Lennon –  It started as a Twitter name, rap artist Kirko Bangz name inspired me to have a unique name, and around that time I was listening to Bob Marley, and the Beatles and so I combined them and came up with Bob Lennon.

Tiara – Tell me about the collaboration with Shaquille Walker and Waka Flocka?

Bob Lennon  –  It’s dope! me and Shaquille had worked on a project we put out through Waka Floca’s label “Brick Squad.” Shaquille and I have dope chemistry he is from Macon GA also, we’re both bringing something brand new and refreshing that no one heard before. Waka Flocka and I are like family; that’s my big bro, I dropped my first debut album under his label “Brick Squad” called ‘Ashtrays.’

Tiara – What would you say separates you from other artists?

Bob Lennon –  I started out rapping, and I use to struggle to come up with a topic, then I just thought to myself that I have to be me, it’s not hard at all to just be yourself.

Tiara  –  What type of music did you listen to growing up?

Bob Lennon – Lil Wayne, Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth wind and fire, and Chaka Khon,  I use to listen to all types of music growing up around my family.

Tiara – How did you learn to rap and sing?

Bob Lennon –   Listening to a lot of different music just made me musically inclined naturally. When I was a child at school  I use to listen to my friends’ rap, I was inspired to go home and write my rhymes down and practice, and over time I got great at it.

Tiara –  Who would you like to collaborate with next?

Bob Lennon  – Drake, Future, I have been listening to a lot of Elton John, I recently watched a documentary about him, Elton John had a kool upbringing through music, and I think we will make something great.

Tiara – What was your emotion like in the studio when you made ‘Other Way’?

Bob Lennon – I was feeling Cocky, my girl was in the studio with me, and I was feeling good, and like a rockstar, we have a fantastic chemistry, it was just the vibe at that time that inspired me.

Tiara  –  What’s your favorite song on your album?

Bob Lennon  –   I would have to say ‘Face Time’ when I’m listening to my music I’m always critiquing myself saying would I could have done better, and I haven’t heard it in ‘FaceTime,’ so that is my favorite song.

Tiara – Tell me about ‘Love Me For Real’?

Bob Lennon – Love Me For Real is a dope record. I was doing a showcase for DJ Mike Mars called ‘The Fila Party’ with a fellow artist Fooley, and we both won the showcase, and we got put on a billboard by the Mercedez Benz stadium. I also invited Fooley to the studio with me, and we created some fire songs, and I put ‘Love Me For Real’ on my album and received terrific feedback.

Tiara – What can we expect from you in the future?

Bob Lennon  –  I have to give the people something they never have seen and heard before and given artists a reason to step up their game.