Ohio Artist Spilly 6200 releases ‘SPILLIN’ RAKZ’ EP with RAKZ FIFTH

Stream/ download SPILLIN’ RAKZ’ by Spilly 6200: https://album.link/us/i/1594116944

Spilly 6200 is one of Ohio’s most promising rappers and for his first full length project he enlisted mega producer RAKZ FIFTH to executive produce it. ‘SPILLIN’ RAKZ’, which plays homage to both of their names, clocks in at a little over 20 minutes and finds Spilly in his most authentic state. 

With RAKZ FIFTH providing the production playground, Spilly 6200 effortlessly makes each track his own with a blend of his fast paced flow and clever wordplay. From the introduction to the last song on ‘SPILLIN’ RAKZ’, the 6200 rapper sticks to what he knows — money, the hustle, and the streets. “I just want them to know it’s authentic across the board,” he explains about the project. “This is not a whole tape talking about and glorifying shit I ain’t lived or going through,” he continues. Tracks like “Make it Back” and “Skam Wrong” are proof of this as he grabs assistance from artists like Seezyn and Midwest Milly for verses. Other features come from 6200 Rob Da Builderr and RAKS FIFTH who comes out of the producer side to drop some bars on the stand out track “Blitz”. 

While this is the first full length project from Spilly 6200, the young rapper has been making music for quite some time now and has plans to keep the momentum going. Spilly 6200 is preparing to release some new features including one with YNJAY, visuals, performances and even another project by the first quarter of 2022.