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Jucee Froot speaks on landing P Valley theme song, leaving Atlantic, issues with Zed Zilla, & almost aborting her daughter

“P Valley came before Atlantic, this is still when “Shake Dat Ass” was out and I’m touring doing my own thing, independent, and she called me like my husband put me on your song… and at first they [Katori Hall] wanted “Shake Dat Ass” and I was like that ain’t my sh*t… but what I can do is make you something better from scratch” ~ Jucee Froot on creating P Valley theme song 

Memphis, Tennessee artist Jucee Froot makes her debut on The Progress Report Podcast to speak about being newly independent after getting out of her recording contract with Atlantic Records, hating “Shake Dat Ass” song and it causing issues with Zed Zilla, going viral on social media with her freestyles, support by her peers, motherhood, almost aborting her youngest child, and landing the P Valley theme song.

Written by LalaaShepard

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