CEO Verse answers why rappers come up after getting shot or locked up, Foogiano link up, Richmond, VA

(0:19) CEO Verse  x The Progress Report 

(0:55) Wings

(1:28) Welcome To Atlanta, Growing Up In Richmond

(2:24) What Do You Do?

(3:07) Richmond Music Scene?

(3:58) Having Your Own Sound

(4:48) Put Your Sound Into Words & Deals

(7:26) Discovering Your Voice

(7:58) First RnB Sounds

(8:53) Foogiano Feature And Marketing 

(12:25) Small Show

(13:18) Iced Up And Video Shoot With Foo/ Verse Becoming Nickname

(14:36) So Dangerous Ent Record Label 

(15:49) Mr. Love Doctor

(17:47) S*x To Your Own Music

(19:13) Support Back Home And A Flex From God

(21:14) A Message To New Fans

(22:48) What Does Progress Mean To You?

Written by LalaaShepard

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