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Dr. Rhonda Travitt Talks About Her Book Rejection & Rebellion, Transformation of a Nation Podcast, and More On Voice It

Dr. Rhonda Travitt is known as a noted author, entrepreneur, certified life coach, and professional counselor. “The Tranformation of a Nation” podcast with Dr. Rhonda Travitt is a new podcast that is designed to alert and awaken the potential within. She is also The founder of Restoring the Years Global Ministries in Marietta, Georgia. Travitt has a passion through a practical and Biblically sound approach to empower the life of the everyday believer and help restore them to proper spiritual health. In our interview below she mentions getting her GED, and PhD, her new book Rejection & Rebellion, interviewing Dr. Cindy Trimm, being successful and more. Make sure you check out our interview below.

Dr. Rhonda Travitt Interview On Voice It

Tiara – Tell me about growing up in Houston Texas?

Dr Rhonda Travitt – Growing up in Houston was great for me. I love my family very much . I was very curious in my teenage years. I actually dropped out of high school in my senior year and married. 

Tiara – How was your journey to getting your PHD, and being successful?

Dr Rhonda Travitt – Getting my PHD was a long journey and I had some very challenging moments along the way. I’ve learned over the years that’s life’s challenges are some of  God’s greatest lessons. I really wouldn’t change a thing about the path that my life took along the way. I Married young, didn’t finish school and became a teen mother. I learned to push myself and dream. I began to elevate my mind and motivate others. I went back to school, started a ministry, wrote my book Rejection & Rebellion and graduated with my masters in Christian Counseling and later worked to received my PhD. God is no respecter of persons. God allowed me to go through everything that I did to help the people I’m helping today.  All things truly work together for the good for those that love the Lord!

Tiara – Tell me about your new Podcast Transformation of a Nation and interviewing with Dr Cindy Trimm? 

Rhonda Travitt – The name  Transformation of a Nation started in November of last year as a round table discussion for something  but we were not quite sure at the time what exactly it would be. We had no idea the world would be transforming three months later when the pandemic started. The podcast became a major tool to reach the nations and assist in the nations transformation process. Transformation of a Nation Podcast is a voice for the voiceless. We also have a mentoring Facebook page.

My podcast interview with Dr. Cindy Trimm was amazing. Dr. Trimm is someone that I have admired for a very long time. She encourages and teaches women and men to be their very best self. Dr Trimm is a woman of unprecedented wisdom. 

Tiara – Tell me about the international speaking that you do?

Rhonda Travitt – I love motivational speaking at different functions, churches, religious and non-religious organizations. I have a great relationship overseas and I especially enjoyed ministering in the Bahamas. I also love hosting coorperate workshops and vision boards. 

Written by Tiara Monroe

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