Travis Scott Addresses Families Of The Victims Of Astroworld

Travis Scott says after weeks of being in his home and surrounded by his loved ones, he’s just now able to clearly figure out exactly what happened that night. For the first time since November, 5th 2021 the artist whose being held fully accountable has spoken his peace in a fifty minute video with Charlemagne the God as the interviewer. Of course Charlemagne sugar coated no question and withheld no comments. Asking him questions that everyone wants to know the answers to. Was it a ritual? Did he really not hear their cries? Has he spoken with the families privately? Which he chose to keep to himself out of respect for the families. Travis Scott says that he’s here for the families and will always and forever be. Because this isn’t something that’ll just go away. And that there is nothing more he can physically do to make up for such tragedy.

Written by Nashaye Jackson

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