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Rex & Beano Talks Growing Up In U.K London New Music “Dangerous” Remix Featuring Paigey Cakey And More

Rex & Beano dropped their summer anthem “Dangerous” remix featuring top U.K. artist Pagiey Cakey; in our interview below, the artist also talks growing up in London and becoming a music artist inspired by U.K. Afro Beats. The stars racked in well over 100,000 plays across digital streams. Rex & Beano didn’t pause, releasing another single “Hit A Lick” along with single “Don’t Stop”. They now boast over 2,000,000 views on YouTube as well as additional digital streams, earning them a feature on some of the U.K.s top playlists. Make sure you check out our interview below and download their music, which is streaming on all platforms.

Rex & Beano Q&A Interview with Voice It

Tiara – How was it growing up in the U.K?

Rex – I lived in a bad neighborhood growing up, where it’s always gun violence; the good thing is we have free health care, but we don’t take that for granted.

Tiara – What Inspired you both to start making music?

Beano – I use to take piano lessons growing up, and then I started rapping for fun and listening to a lot of old schools/American music, such as Chris Brown, Mario, T Pain, and more.

Rex – I always loved music. At the age of sixteen, or seventeen there was a growth in ethnic music such as Afro Beats, which is doing well in the U.K. The Africans came to the U.K around the time I was growing up. A mixture of a lot of people in London enjoyed it, which is now called U.K Afro Beats. Listening to their music, I felt like I had a chance; it inspired me to start making music as well in the U.K.

Tiara – What keeps you guys motivated?

Beano – I like the process, and making sure I trust the process didn’t happen overnight.

Tiara – Tell me about the single “Dangerous” remix featuring Paigey Cakey?

Beano – We made “Dangerous” two years ago. Many people continued enjoying and talking about the song, so when we were trying to figure out what else we can do with the single, we spoke with Paigey; she loved the song, and she dropped her verses on the single, and we created magic.

Tiara – What are some of the challenges that you both go through in the music industry?

Beano – Music is challenging because you face a lot of things; I am the product, so I have to stay focus, but the main thing is you can’t stop believing in yourself.

Rex – Making sure the music is right before it’s released when we see something that’s not right, we go harder the next time.

Tiara – How do you both prepare for a performance?

Rex – We take shots, and when performing, the audience needs to see who we are in person instead of only listening to our music.

Beano – Making sure we give the audience something to remember, putting out a good show is also important.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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