YK Osiris Is Claiming His Role On Power

YK Osiris has been supported by superstar TV producer 50 Cent, who feels he has what it takes to star in one of his TV shows. Despite the fact that the Florida singer has little to no acting experience.

Osiris recently came to Instagram Stories to share his hopes of starring in the Power universe with his admirers, including, perhaps unintentionally, 50 Cent.

“I think it’s time to put your boy in Power, man. I think it’s time, dawg. Put your boy in Power, dawg. I’m telling you. That sh*ts gonna be crazy, y’all. I’m getting Power this year. Watch this,” he said on a video posted on his account in which he tagged Fif.

The “Candy Shop” rapper, usually known for his trolling skills, reposted the video and instead gave YK Osiris some inkling that he might be considered for a role. However, 50, put it to the fans to decide.

“The youngn say he ready, I think if he works on acting he can do something. what y’all think ?” he posted to his Instagram account.