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International DJ Mos Precious Talks Her Journey In The Music Industry, Growing up In St. Louis Missouri, And More On “Voice It”

DJ Mos Precious talks about growing up in St. Louis Missouri, her journey to becoming a successful DJ, and starting an empire.

The St Louis native started her career out as a rapper; she attended the University of Missouri St. Louis and found the opportunity to participate in Umsl Radio as a Radio personality and DJ. She also got a chance to join the Carnival Cruise Lines and became a DJ in 2018. DJ Mos Precious started hosting fundraisers, festivals, and tours of her own under her company, Most Precious Promotions, which opened up doors for her in the music industry. In our interview below, she also discussed becoming a guest DJ on Shade 45 Sway in the morning, managing artists, the obstacles she faced growing up, and more. Make sure you check out our interview below.

DJ Mos Precious

Instagram: @djmosprecious, @mostpreciouspromotes, @midwestfleetdjs

Twitter: @DjMosPrecious


DJ Mos Precious Interview On Voice It

Tiara – How was it growing up in St Louis Missouri?

DJ Mos Precious – It was the normal middle class; I was living in two different households, my parents divorced when I was a kid. I had to adjust to two separate lives. Overall, I’m blessed with the challenges that came with it.

Tiara – Tell me your journey to becoming a DJ

DJ Mos Precious – I started out as a rapper; my favorite rap artist was Tupac. At a younger age I found my passion for music after my big brother invited me to recite Bone Thugs-N- Harmony classics on a cassette Karaoke machine in my mother’s basement. I started attending UMSL in 2010 after graduating with a Business Administration with Management from Forest Park Community College. I started Blog Talk Radio, and I didn’t consider myself a DJ at the time. I was a radio personality doing interviews for artist such as Raz-b from B2k, and a lot more. Everybody started coming up to me saying I should be a DJ because of the way I was blending music, Mos Precious was my rap name and I just added DJ in front of the name, and I just kept building the brand.

DJ Mos Precious – My dad, and my grandmother which is my father’s mother, they were crucial factors in my life and my mom as well, she gave me the identity of being independent, and what it means to be a female. So far as music artist Aaliyah, Tupac and Lauren Hill.

Tiara – What were some of the obstacles you had to face? and how did you overcome them?

DJ Mos Precious – I was molested as a young girl, and back then it was hard for me to admit that, until I got older. I confronted the individual and told some love ones. I was holding that in for so many years, people never understood why I was so introverted. I also wrote a lot of poetry, that was my get away, that was the biggest obstacle I went through and overcame. Professionally, being a female from St. Louis, overcoming the perception of having to sleep around with men to get to the top. I didn’t have to go through that, some women had to or felt like they needed to in order to get to where they are. I was in male rap groups that would say I am nothing without them, I didn’t believe them I knew God had me. I overcame that by being a successful woman, having my brand DJ Mos Precious Promotions, motivating people all over the world, paving a way for artists, and continuing to take the world by storm.

Tiara – Being successful in the music industry are you getting more love or hate?

DJ Mos Precious – Both, people do come out of nowhere and tell me that I’m doing major things. I am the only DJ in St. Louis that’s on Sirius XM Shade 45 with Sway in the morning. People do call me and ask if I can help them out. They didn’t really start talking to me until I started doing major things, and they would call me Hollywood. It’s not that I’m Hollywood I’m a humble person that’s successful.

Tiara – Who are some of the artist you work with?

DJ Mos Precious – Trekent Official from St. Louis MO he is signed to my management, Rockaka Britt from Little Rock Arkansas, Earny Twicy, and a lot more.

Written by Tiara Monroe

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